24th Flanders International Film Festival Ghent

24th Flanders International Film Festival Ghent, Belgium (October 6 - October 17, 1997)

Flanders International Film Festival Ghent: www.filmfestival.be


Funny Games Funny Games Funny Games
(Austria, 1997, 108 mins) Jury: Peter van Bueren (The Netherlands) , Peter Cargin (UK) , Florica Viorica Bucur (Romania) , Carlo Gentile (Italy) , Yves Crasson (Belgium)

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"for the impressive manner of using the power of cinema to show the theme of violence without reason and thus confront the audience with its own fears"


The Other Shore L'autre côté de la mer The Other Shore
(France, 1997, 92 mins)

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"for the way the director, mainly know for documentaries, shows in a first feature film clearly how an important social and political event affects individuals"