36th Rotterdam International Film Festival

36th Rotterdam International Film Festival, Netherlands (January 29 - February 9, 1997)

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Suzaku Moe no suzaku Suzaku

by Naomi Kawase  

(Japan, 1997, 95 mins) Jury: Dan Fainaru (Israel) , Ziva Emersic (Slovenia) , Jann Ruyters (Netherlands) , Thomas Shin (Hong Kong) , Yasushi Kawarabata (Japan)

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"for its remarkable control of the medium, particularly as regards performances, pace and cinematography. The director successfully uses landscape to create dramatic intimacy in the poetic depiction of a family breakdown."

Frozen Jidu hanleng Frozen

by Wu Ming  

(China, 1996, 99 mins)

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"for its compelling allegory, a courageous independent portrayal of an artist despairing of ever leaving his imprint on a cold, indifferent society."