3rd Sarajevo Film Festival

3rd Sarajevo Film Festival, Bosnia and Herzegovina (September 2 - September 10, 1997)

Sarajevo Film Festival: www.sff.ba


Ma Vie en Rose Ma Vie en Rose Ma Vie en Rose
(Belgium, 1997, 88 mins) Jury: Howard Feinstein (US) , Michèle Levieux (France) , Otto Reiter (Austria)

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"In an intelligent and touching way, he is telling the story of the little boy Ludovic who likes to live and dream his life as a girl against all obstacles. Berliner shows in his first feature film also great talent in directing the actors and creating a convincing plea for tolerance."

Majorettes in Space Des Majorettes dans L'espace Majorettes in Space
(France, 1997, 6 mins)

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"for his original. witty and ironic approach to serious problems: Dimitri, a Russian cosmonaut on Soyouz 27, likes majorettes. Catherine and Laurent like making love. Jean-Paul II likes airports. Vincent likes boys."