38th Thessaloniki International Film Festival

38th Thessaloniki International Film Festival, Greece (November 21 - November 30, 1997)

Thessaloniki International Film Festival: www.filmfestival.gr


Winter Sleepers Winterschläfer Winter Sleepers

by Tom Tykwer  

(Germany, 1997, 122 mins) Jury: Howard Feinstein (US) , Alexis N. Dermentzoglou (Greece) , Mark Duursma (The Netherlands) , Annika Gustafsson (Sweden) , Susana Lopez Aranda (Mexico) , Bojidar Manov (Bulgaria) , Mateusz Werner (Poland)

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"for its fusion of visual style and storytelling technique, and its intriguing study of the dynamics among five lost souls. Tom Tykwer's promising second feature is both provocative and suspenseful."

Emilia's Friends Priyatelite na Emiliya Emilia's Friends
(Bulgaria, 1996, 90 mins)

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"for the deft, funny, and touching adaptation of the director's own short stories,
which capture the diverse textures of urban life in today's Bulgaria."


Tomorrow We'll Know Avrio tha xeroume Tomorrow We'll Know
(Greece, 1997, 116 mins)

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"for its blend of spirituality and physicality, and for its ingenious, unpredictable transpostion of a classic Russian novel to concrete social and personal issues in contemporary Greece."