42nd Valladolid International Film Festival

42nd Valladolid International Film Festival, Spain (October 24 - November 1, 1997)

Valladolid International Film Festival: www.seminci.es


Private Confessions Enskilda Samtal Private Confessions

by Liv Ullmann  

(Sweden, 1996, 196 mins) Jury: Tadeusz Szczepanski (Poland) , Claude Polak (France) , Valerio S. Provvedi (Italy) , Ronald Bergan (UK) , Jaromira Sitarova (Czech Republic) , Jan Temmerman (Belgium) , Quim Casas Moliner (Spain)

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"for its rigorous direction, its splendid use of music to underline emotion and its magnificent performances, in a film that gives a deep insight into a repressive religious society and woman's place in it"

The Perfect Circle Savrseni Krug The Perfect Circle
(Bosnia and Herzegovina, 1997, 110 mins)

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"that not only deals with an important and topical subject, but is applicable to all conflicts throughout the world."