5th Yamagata Documentary Film Festival

5th Yamagata Documentary Film Festival, Japan (October 6 - October 13, 1997)

Yamagata Documentary Film Festival: www.yidff.jp


Homesick Eyes Wang xiang Homesick Eyes
(Taiwan, 1997, 85 mins) Jury: Radovan Holub (Czech Republic) , Iwao Moriya (Japan) , Yann Chang (Taiwan) , Heikki Jokinen (Finland) , Shahiduzzaman Mohan (Bangladesh)

International Sales:
Hsu Hsiao-ming Film Corporation

"for its important topic focused on foreign laborers in Taiwan. The jury stresses that the film concerns a worldwide problem of developping countries and of misuse of human labor as well as it bears an emotional issue of slitting families. It is a well researched classical documentary, visually strong, sensitively balanced, impressively made."

London Brief London Brief London Brief

by Jon Jost  

(USA, 1997, 72 mins)

International Sales:

"for unusual artistic qualities of the filmmaker's journey into the world metropole. The jury states that this extraordinary film expresses well the feelings of an individual in the big city as well as in the contemporary society much influenced by the Cyber Space. The jury also stresses the refined use of sound and the unusual analysis of human motion."