St. Petersburg Colloque III on Russian Cinema Postponed

Due to the current Covid situation in Russia, the St. Petersburg “Cultural Forum” and the FIPRESCI Colloquium on Russian Cinema have been cancelled. Our Colloquium has been postponed to March, 2022: March 1 Arrival in St. Petersburg / Work: March 2–5 / Departure on March 6.

Visit St. Petersburg
and See Russian Movies III

In November film critics, members of FIPRESCI will have the opportunity to get better acquainted with the new Russian cinema.

Four years ago, in November 2017, twelve international colleagues had been invited to St. Petersburg, to a first edition of a colloque dedicated to new Russian cinema. The second edition had taken place two years later, in November 2019.

We are glad to announce now the third FIPRESCI Colloquium dedicated to Russian cinema, again in the city of St. Petersburg.

“The colloquium will consist”, informs our St. Petersburg partner and host, “of the presentation of at least nine to ten Russian films, followed by discussions with the film authors… Every film will be presented by a producer or a director… The aim of the event is to introduce to the members of FIPRESCI the best Russian movies created within the last two years, giving an idea of the situation in commercial and independent Russian cinema, as well as to organize a communication between movie creators and film critics”.   

The date: November 9–11, 2021. The place: the Lenfilm Studios in St. Petersburg.

Ten participants will be invited, from all over the world. The invitation will cover costs of visa, air ticket, accommodation for three nights. “It would be great”, so our partner in St. Petersburg, “to host members of FIPRESCI who are not only writing about cinema, as film critics for leading film periodicals and websites, but are also involved in film curating and festival programming.”

Colleagues who had attended the first and/or the second edition of the colloque in 2017/2019 may as a special exception return to St. Petersburg. The majority of the participants should however participate for the first time.

Right after this FIPRESCI event, the “St. Petersburg Cultural Forum” begins (November 11-13, 2021). “We would be happy”, so our hosts, “if the invited film critics could stay in St. Petersburg to participate in the events of the Cultural Forum.”

Colleagues who are interested to attend the colloquium (and possibly the afterwards Forum) are kindly asked to indicate their interest (via their national sections). Mention your special interest in / knowledge of Russian cinema and your possibilities of advising festivals.

Send requests to Deadline: Monday, October 4, 2021.

Best regards
Klaus Eder