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Juries. An overview on our juries at the beginning of 2021 has been uploaded, see next juries or download circular 1/2021. Use for all correspondence concerning juries only the email address This mail is read by everybody at FIPRESCI in charge of juries. The address for membership affairs (such as fees) is

Berlinale. Our jury will work online in the period of March 1-5, 2021, and will present four prizes, to films selected for the international competition, for the Panorama and Forum sections and the Encounters competition. More

Cannes. The Festival has been postponed from its traditional May date to summer. The new date is July 6–17, 2021.

Elena Rubashevska, our Ukrainian colleague, has been appointed editor-in-chief of our website by our board. We’re glad that – after a long period of us only being able to offer “minimal service” in terms of editorial – she is making her professional website knowledge and experience available to us. Veronika Zakonjšek (Slovenia) will take care of our presence in the social media.

Klaus Eder
February 8, 2021

Meeting of the board members with the departments, on December 23, 2020. From upper left: Klaus Eder, Ahmed Shawky, Beat Glur, Alin Tasciyan, (second row from left) Anne Brishoual, Isabelle Danel, Barbara Hollender, Barbara Lorey, (third row from left) Elena Rubashevska and Pamela Biénzobas.