Editing Rules

Here are a few details about the text for our website we’re expecting. Deadline is the festival’s last day. 

– Send yout text via email to editor@fipresci.org (attach files: txt, rtf, doc, docx)
– Send your text in English language. – Give your article a title and a sub-title.
– Add photos, if available.
– The minimum length for festival reports is 600 words or 3000 characters (spaces included).
– Don’t use any particular formating. No bold, no italics, no justifying. (Exception: titles, see below). Use straight apostrophes and quotation marks (‘ and “)
– Quote titles (of films, books etc) in italics, without quotation marks
– When you mention a film for the first time, mention its English title, followed, in brackets, by its original title. The following times please use the English title only.
– Our reference for names and titles is the Internet Movie Data Base http://imdb.com In case a film is not yet mentioned there, use the festival catalogue.
– You can add links to imdb, to films (or names) which you mention in your text. Example: Pedro Almodóvar, his film Talk to Her (Hable con ella, 2002).    (Use this facility only if it makes sense).

If not yet done so, send us a short bio (up to 20 lines) and a passport photo (high resolution, for the print in festival catalogues).

We have currently an average of 100.000 viewers per month. This means that most of our readers are not connected to FIPRESCI. Do therefore not write about your jury, your work, the conditions of your stay – best is not even to mention the word FIPRESCI in your text.

In case you want to re-use an article you already published, we will assume you have cleared all the rights and there will not be any copyright conflict with other publishers. We would however not re-print texts which have already been published in an English version on the Internet.

The copyright of your text stays with you. In case of requests for re-print, we will forward them to you (hoping that the source – FIPRESCI – will be mentioned).

Klaus Eder
Version 23-Jul-2019
editor@fipresci.org www.fipresci.or

Editing Rules (download)