State: October 25, 2020
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Next Juries in October, November, December 2020.

Some of the festivals try to bring in our jurors, but prepare also the “plan b” of an online (or hybrid) festival and jury. You can make our work easier if you inform with each jury request if you are available for a physical participation, or for an online jury work, or for both.

As for online juries travel costs do not need to be considered, our colleagues from all over the world can get active. Welcome! (For online juries the regular participation fee will not be requested. )

This time, we will not introduce deadlines (for jury requests). Everything can change every time in particular the conditions and restrictions of travelling). Be assured that we do what we can to bring you, our colleagues, to juries.

Use for all correspondence concerning juries only the email address jury@fipresci.org. This mail is read by everybody in FIPRESCI in charge of juries.

Next Juries

Istanbul, Turkey, Istanbul International Film Festival. National films have been presented in July (postponed from the original April date). An overview on and a competition of international films takes place now, October 9-20, 2020. Jury (online): Marta Balaga, Finland (“Cineuropa”, “Episodi”), Natalia Moussienko, Ukraine (“Ukrainian Culture”, “Culture and Life”), Firat Ataç, Turkey (“Beyazperde.com”, “Dadanizm.com”). www.iksv.org
* The jury (online) is at work.

Busan, Korea, Busan International Film Festival, October 21-30, 2020. Our online jury will see young Asian films. Jury members: Alin Tasciyan, Turkey (“Sanatatak”), Sanja Struna, Slovenia (“Ekran”), Ilkwon Sung, Korea (“Le Monde Diplomatique”, Korea). www.biff.kr
* The jury (online) started to work.

Vienna, Austria, Viennale – Vienna International Film Festival, October 22 – November 1, 2020). Our jury (online) focusses on first and second films in the main program. Jury: Hossein Eidizadeh, Iran (“24 Film Magazine”, “Sazandegi”), Barbara Lorey de Lacharriere, France (“El Hype”), Pia Reiser, Austria (“Radio FM4, fm4.orf.at”). www.viennale.at
* The jury (online) has been finalized.

El Gouna, Egypt, El Gouna Film Festival, October 23-31, 2020 (postponed from September). The focus for our prize: Arab feature-length films in the festival’s competitions. Jury: Pierre-Simon Gutman, France (“L’Avant Scène Cinéma”), Borborah Bitopan, India (“The Assam Tribune”, “Dainik Asom”), Rami ElMetwaly, Egypt (“El-Fagr Newspaper”, “Hia Magazien”). www.elgounafilmfestival.com
* The jury (online or hybrid) has been finalized.

Valladolid International Film Festival, October 24–31, 2020. The festival informs us about restrictions caused by Covid-19: “Given the current situation all over the world, with many governments now imposing more restrictions, safety measures and curfews … the wisest and best decision is not to have a FIPRESCI Jury this year. As a matter of fact, the situation in our region of Spain has got worse this week and the citizens of three cities close to Valladolid and various surrounding villages are confined: no one can enter or leave. The situation in Valladolid is also not clear at the minute. We will also have more restrictions from tomorrow.” www.seminci.com
* No jury this year

Leipzig, Germany, International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film, October 26 – November 1, 2020. Jury, online, focus on the international competition): Glenn Dunks, Australia (“The Film Experience http://thefilmexperience.net/”), Hrvoje Puksec, Croatia (“Hrvatski filmski ljetopis”), Chen Yun-hua, Germany (“Film International”). www.dok-leipzig.de
* The jury (online) started its work.

Lecce, Italy, Festival of European Cinema, October 31 – November 7, 2020 (postponed from April). Jury: Aylin Sayin Gonenc, Turkey (“Yeni Film”), Nikolaos Giakoumelos, Greece (“Smassingculture.gr”), Ignazio Senatore, Italy (“Segno Cinema Review”, “Il Corriere del Mezzogiorno”). www.festivaldelcinemaeuropeo.com
* The jury (online) has been finalized.

Yerevan, Armenia, “Golden Apricot Yerevan International Film Festival”, November 1-8, 2020 (postponed from July). The festival informed: “The situation with the corona virus was not stabilized yet when the war in Nagorno Karabakh … broke down. Due to this and the following budget limitations we had to make the hard decision to cancel most of the programs of the festival … We are not sure the festival will take place at all. (We have therefore) to cancel the FIPRESCI jury for 2020 festival.” www.gaiff.am
* No jury.

St. Petersburg, Russia, “Message to Man International Film Festival” for Documentaries, November 3-8, 2020 (postponed from September). www.message2man.com/
* The jury (online) has been finalized.

Cottbus, Germany, Festival of East European Cinema, November 3-8, 2020. The festival will show a selection of films in cinemas, and will supplement it with an online version. Our jury will work online – and offers still a chance to experience the state of east European cinemas. www.filmfestivalcottbus.de
* The jury (online) has been finalized.

Thessaloniki, Greece, Thessaloniki International Film Festival, November 5–15, 2020. Our jury will work online, and will award our prize to a film in the Greek Panorama. www.filmfestival.gr
* The jury (online) has been finalized.

Taipei, Taiwan, Golden Horse Festival/Awards, November 5-22, 2020, jury period (most likely) November 16 – 21. www.goldenhorse.org.tw
* The jury (online) has been finalized.

Minsk, Belarus, November 6-13, 2020, “Listapad International Film Festival”. The “Minsk FIPRESCI Prize – New Voices” goes to a debut shown in one of the official competitions. The festival offers flight and accommodation. To also be prepared for an online jury is advisable. The festival wrote end of August: “We continue to work on an international and national program. And in this difficult political situation we continue to do everything possible to make “Listapad” happen, and the inspiring power of cinematography, its humanistic ideals helped us to survive, to defend the ideas of honor and justice.” http://listapad.com/en/
* The jury (live, with online an option) is being selected. You’re welcome to apply.

Seville, Spain, Sevilla European Film Festival, November 6-14, 2020. Our jury follows the series “Endless Revolutions”. www.festivalcinesevilla.eu 
* The jury (online) has been finalized.

Tunis, Tunisia, Journées Cinématographiques de Carthage, November 7-12, 2020. “The JCC direction decided yo organize this edition without competions and without juries. A special edition.” No jury, therefore. www.jcctunisie.org
* No jury

Stockholm, Sweden, Stockholm International Film Festival, November 11–22, 2020. Our jury will work online, and will focus on the “Open Zone” (around 10 films). Worldwide candidates. www.stockholmfilmfestival.se
* The jury (online) has been finalized.

Ljubljana, Slovenia, Ljubljana International Film Festival, November 11-22, 2020. We are talking with the festival about the possibilities and conditions of a jury. Colleagues particularly interested in the festival’s “Perspectives” series, should be ready to travel (flight, hotel) or to work online. Details follow, stay tuned. www.liffe.si/
* The jury (live) is being selected. You’re welcome to apply.

Mannheim-Heidelberg, Germany, International Film Festival Mannheim-Heidelberg, November 12-22, 2020. http://iffmh.de/
* The jury (online) has been finalized.

Tallinn, Estonia, Black Nights Film Festival, November 13 – 20, 2020. Focus: The First Feature Competition. The festivsal tries to bring the jurors to Tallinn (flight up to 350 €, hotel), which is probably easier from nearby airports. Online (or hybrid) if necessary. www.poff.ee
* The jury (online or hybrid) is under preparation. You’re still welcome to apply.

Torun, Poland, “Camerimage International Film Festival”, November 14–21, 2020. For colleagues with a special interest in and a special eye for the work of the camera. We are talking about this year’s possibilities and conditions. Interested colleagues should be ready to travel (flight within Europe, hotel) or should be ready to work online. Details follow. Stay tuned. www.camerimage.pl
* The jury (live, with online an option) is being selected. You’re welcome to apply.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands, IDFA – International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam, November 18 – 29, 2020. The jury will follow the Competition of First Appearances. Jury: Ziva Emersic, Slovenia (“RTV Slovenija”), Ruggero Calich, Turkey (“Bianet.org”), Steven Yates, UK (“Film International”, “El Hype”). www.idfa.nl  
* The jury has been finalized.

Cairo, Egypt, Cairo International Film Festival, the new date is December 2-10, 2020.). The festival will host a three-member FIPRESCI Jury, one juror from Europe, one from the Arab World and one Egyptian. The physical presence of the jury members in Cairo will be requested, “we will have a physical edition”, writes the festival. https://www.ciff.org.eg/
* The jury (live) is under construction. You’re still welcome to apply.

Gijón, Spain, Gijón International Film Festival, November 20-28, 2020. Our jury will concentrate on a new section called “Trance Lands” and dedicated to Latin American cinemas. Two prizes, for the best feature film (10.000 €) and for the best direction. The festival assumes that it can invite the jury members to Gijón, interested colleagues should however have also “plan b” (online) in mind. www.gijonfilmfestival.com
* The jury is in preparation. You’re still welcome to apply.

Torino, Italy, Torino Film Festival, November 20 – 29, 2020. We’d love to have our jurors with us, when possible,”, writes the festival, “but we’ll be ready to let them watch the films on-line, too.” www.torinofilmfest.org
* The jury (hybrid) is in preparation. You’re still welcome to apply.

Athens, Greece, Panorama of European Cinema, new date November 25 – December 4, 2020. The festival (and our jury) will be online. www.panoramafest.org  
* The jury (online) has been finalized.

Mar del Plata, Argentina, Mar del Plata International Film Festival, November 21-29, 2020. The jurors will present our prize to the best film in the Latin American competition. “The Festival will practically take place all online.” (Festival information) www.mardelplatafilmfest.com
* The jury (online) has ben finalized.

Havana, Cuba, International Festival of the New Latinoamerican Cinema, December 3-13, 2020. We are talking with the festival about the possibilities and conditions of a jury (and of the festival itself). Interested colleagues, specialists of Latin American cinemas, should be ready to travel (flight, hotel) or to work online. Details follow as soon as available, see our website. www.habanafilmfestival.com
* The jury (live) is in preparation. You’re welcome to apply.

Kerala/Trivandrum, India, International Film Festival of Kerala, date open. For specialists of Indian and Asian cinemas. We are talking with the festival about the possibilities and conditions of a jury. Interested Colleagues should be ready to travel (flight, hotel) or to work online. Details follow as soon as available, stay tuned. www.iffk.in
* The jury (live) is in preparation. You’re welcome to apply.

Perm, Russia, Flahertiana International Documentary Film Festival, December 11-17, 2020 (postponed from September). Specialists of documentaries are welcome (flight within Europe, hotel). The festival tries to bring the jurors to Perm. If not possible, the jury work will change to online. www.flahertiana.ru  
* The jury (live) is in preparation. You’re welcome to apply.

Texts edited by Karsten Kastelan.

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