Colleagues who are regular members of a national section, and who wish to participate in our manifestations (such as juries, workshops, conferences, assemblies and so on), are kindly asked to register with FIPRESCI. Their registration provides us with all necessary data: address, phone & fax numbers, email, publication, special interests, and other useful information. These data are of course strictly protected and will not be forwarded to anybody. Only exception: in case of a participation in a jury or conference: the coordinates (address, publication) are forwarded to the concerned festival or organizer. This includes the information on date & place of birth, passport number and citizenship – information necessary to issue visas. The registration has of course to be filled in only once; but updates of eventual changes are welcome.

In some cases, a conflict of interest may come up: between independent film criticism and a dependence on companies of the film industry or governmental institutions. See a comment on this contradiction

Download the registration form. Choose the format: