44th Viennale

44th Viennale, Austria (October 13 - October 25, 2006)

The Viennale, a tribune of independent world cinema, showed a carefully picked selection of new films which stand apart from the esthetics of mainstream conventionality. So did the prize-winning, very individual Cervantes-version Honor of the Knights (Honor De Cavalleria) by Spanish director Albert Serra.


Honor De Cavalleria Honor of the Knights

by Albert Serra  

(Spain, 2006, 35mm, 95 mins) Jury: Ronald Bergan (UK) , Mark Peranson (Canada) , Claudia Lenssen (Germany) , Dominik Kamalzadeh (Austria)
International Sales: Andergraun Films, Notro Films

Andergraun Films: Aribau 40, E 08011 Barcelona, Spain, T +34 (93) 451 1231.

Notro Films: Lincoln 11, 3r 4a, E 08006 Barcelona, Spain, T +34 (93) 567 05 05, sales@notrofilms.com.

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