10th Dhaka International Film Festival

Bangladesh, January 10 - January 18 2008

Awarded films

Undoubtedly, the Dhaka International Film Festival — organized by the Rainbow Film Society and headed by our FIPRESCI colleague Ahmed Mustaba Zamal — has proven in the past its commitment and dedication, against all odds, to open a wide window with its rich film programs to the world in a country, where it is almost impossible to see foreign films (except Indian productions) in a movie theater. Due to a number of more or less obscure financial and organizational problems, the 10th edition of the Dhaka International Film Festival — “the flagship event of the Rainbow Film Society” — was however hard-pressed to survive through to its closing ceremonies. Unfortunately, the lack of communication and transparency didn’t help to make the situation any easier. Of the 88 films, presented in a mysterious catalog that popped up just before the closing ceremony, just 31 (including nine of the eleven announced competition films) made it to the screen. However, the enthusiasm of the huge, young crowd of spectators and volunteers compensated to a large extent for the difficulties encountered. (Barbara Lorey)