10th Motovun International Film Festival

Croatia, July 28 - August 1 2008

Awarded films

The Motovun Film Festival celebrated its first decade with a jubilee edition between July 27th and August 1st, 2008. Hosted in the small medieval town of Motovun, in the Croatian Istria, and situated on a hill 277 meters above sea level, it was created in 1999 by a group of people closely related to filmmaking, with the idea of showing films that don’t usually surface in the Croatian national distribution circuit.

The selection of the Motovun 2008 was basically composed by its too wide main program, a retrospective of 100 years of Russian Cinema, the Interactive Cinema section and the Motovun on-line short films, the latter were available for screening on the festival’s web site. There were also a few special screenings, including Tommy (1975) and The Devils (1971) by Ken Russell, who was the first filmmaker honored with the Motovun Maverick Award, “intended for filmmakers who have made history by breaking taboos, pushing limits and expanding the freedom of cinematic expression”.

The prestigious name of the Motovun Film Festival has been growing since its relatively recent begin as a pretentious and non-formal event. The festival mood is probably best described by this year’s festival catalogue: “The legends, the smells, the tastes and the history all conspire to create a unique atmosphere, and Motovun Film Festival has basked in its magic for ten years now. In a world where dozens of festivals open and close every day, we cannot claim to be the biggest or the most prestigious. What we do know is that movies never feel as good as they do when watched 277 meters above reality.” (Stefan Ivancic)