11st Sofia International Film Festival

Bulgaria, March 1 - March 11 2007

The jury

Tadeusz Szczepanski (Poland), Liudmila Hristozova-Diakova (Bulgaria), Leif Joley (Sweden)

Awarded films

Headed by Stefan Kitanov, the Sofia Film Festival has made, in last years, a good career. This is the result of a clever and reasoned politics. The festival does not try to make a small version of a ‘big event’, but takes advantage from its geographical location and focuses on Balkan cinemas and, of course, the new Bulgarian production. The competition adds a few international independent films to the Balkan ones. Tributes were dedicated to Wim Wenders, Hirokazu Koreeda and Lyudmil Staikov, the Bulgarian filmmaker. A retrospective presented 25 films of Federico Fellini. As well. Germany’s young filmmakers got a focus (unfortunately without the very new films shown at Berlinale in February). Needless to say that this interesting selection was well accepted by the local public.