17th Tromso International Film Festival

Norway, January 16 - January 21 2007

The jury

Julia Khomiakova (Russia), Tibor Hirsch (), Odd Vaagland ()

Awarded films

This Norwegian International Film Festival takes place when the sun returns to the horizon, when it’s still possible to experience the Northern Lights — in Tromsö, the gateway to the Arctic. It was established in 1991 and specialized in quality films without Norwegian distribution. It’s the world’s northernmost film event and presents a cutting edge international program — contemporary art films, documentaries and feature-length films from all continents, including an overview on new Norwegian productions. It has gradually become the Norwegian festival with the largest audience and functions as a showcase for non-commercial cinema.

The critics’ jury selected Jia Zhang-ke’s film Still Life as best film of the competition. The film, which had won Venice’ Golden Lion a few months ago, tells the story of a village, Fengjie, which has been flooded in the course of a project called “The Three Gorges Dam” situated on the Yangtse river — project which forced the population around to leave there homes, to be relocated in other places.

Tromso International Film Festival: www.tiff.no