18th Ljubljana International Film Festival (LIFFE)

Slovenia, November 7 - November 21 2007

The jury

Gabriel Klinger (US), Léo Soesanto (France), Nil Baskar ()

Awarded films

At the 18th edition of the Ljubljana International Festival in the capital of Slovenia, headed for the first time by former critic Simon Popek, our prize went to the French film Just about love? (Et toi, t’es sur qui?), first feature by Lola Doillon, daughter of the well-known French director Jacques Doillon. Like many films of her father, Lola Doillon chose to deal with youth, through a group of teenagers obsessed by losing their virginity. The FIPRESCI Jury was above all touched by its freshness, its energetic young actors and actresses and its humorous way to point out social issues. At a symposium organized by the “Ekran” magazine, a rag-tag group consisting of a Brit (Neil Young), an American (Gabe Klinger), an Austrian (Christoph Huber), a Filipino (Alexis Tioseco), and an Australian (Adrian Martin) came forward with their proposals on independent cinema..