28th Montreal World Film Festival

Canada, August 26 - September 5 2005

The jury

Chris Fujiwara (US), Rainer Gansera (), Christian Monggaard (Denmark), Javier Porta Fouz (Argentina), Angela Baldassarre (Canada)

Awarded films

Montreal. Serge Losique, the founder and long-time director of the Montreal World Film Festival, was confronted this year with unexpected problems caused by the withdrawal of some public sponsors and the establishment of another festival, the New Montreal Film Festival, taking place only a few weeks later. It seems, however, that he was not fazed by these problems. He organized his festival as if nothing happened, and even got back the official FIAPF status of a so called A-Festival. As always, a jury of film critics jugded the international competition and found Kamataki by Claude Gagnon the best film of the selection. Read Chris Fujiwara’s review of the film, as well as notes on other films written by our jury members.