35th Rotterdam International Film Festival

Holland, January 25 - February 5 2006

The jury

Antonia Kovacheva (Bulgaria), Neil Young (UK), Barbara Schweizerhof (Germany), Carlos Heli (), Mariska Graveland (The Netherlands)

Awarded films

The Rotterdam International Film Festival is a fixed date in the calendar of critics, in particular if they have a special interest in independent cinema coming from all over the world. It’s a place of a vivid atmosphere which allows, and gives the pleasure, to make discoveries — such as Claudia Llosa, the Peruvian filmmaker which debut Madeinusa received the International Critics’ Prize. Our jury noted: “We saw many films in this year’s Tiger Competition, that dealt with the relationships between children and their parents, often within isolated communities. Fathers were killed; innocence was lost; and bodily fluids were spilled. There is one film, however, in which all of this happens — in an especially surprising, intelligent and accessible way.” — The festival invited three young critics to a “Trainee Project”: Adam B. Nayman from Canada, Pawel T. Felis from Poland and Daniel Steinhart from the USA.