37th Moscow International Film Festival

Russia, June 19 - June 26 2015

The jury

Pierre-Simon Gutman (France), Eduardo Guillot (Spain), Sven Gerrets (The Netherlands), Bozidar Zecevic (Serbia), Victoria Smirnova Mayzel (Russia)

Awarded films

Long established, and having emerged during the communist era, the Moscow International Film Festival is of course an institution, now headed by the most famous Russian filmmaker alive, Nikita Mikhalkov. Just like any first-rate international film festival, it has to show world premieres only in its official competition, which can be a problem, since so many movies are “stolen” by the more prestigious festivals of Toronto, Cannes or Berlin. Even though the official selection has its share of highlights (our winner The Road being one of them), a good part of its “cinephile” identity and its pertinence come from the amazing work in the parallel sections. For example, in the smart and well programmed homage to Rainer Werner Fassbinder and his influence; in the very strong documentary competition; or the journey to the cinematographies of other countries that are often well-thought through and shed some light and coherence onto a different type of film industry. It is here, in this smart programming, that the Moscow Film Festival finds its purpose and meaning, and not in yet another competition with other world festivals. Instead of clinging to its main selection and world exclusives, this festival seems set on turning more and more toward a historical, cultural and erudite programming of classics and rarely seen films, which may be the saving grace of an event which finds relevance in the present thanks to some complicated but welcome paths. (Pierre-Simon Gutman)

Moscow International Film Festival: www.moscowfilmfestival.ru