41st Karlovy Vary Film Festival

Russia, June 30 - July 8 2006

The jury

Atilla Dorsay (Turkey), Christina Stojanova (Canada), Fawzi Soliman (Egypt), Marita Nyrhinen (), Jan Foll (Czech Republic)

Awarded films

It’s always a pleasure to visit the Karlovy Vary Film Festival. It’s summer, one can enjoy the traditional town and its ‘kurort’ atmosphere. And one can enjoy an interesting selection of films for competition, as well as numerous excellent sidebars. In particular for visitors being interested in the cinemas of the middle and Eastern European countries, the screenings all over the valley are a gold mine — no other festival offers probably a similar selection. Our jurors enjoying the event awarded the critics’ prize to Frozen City by Finnish director Aku Louhimies, a chronicle of a marriage-war in ice-encrusted Helsinki.