50th Valladolid International Film Festival

Spain, October 21 - October 29 2005

The jury

Jerzy Skolimovski (), Isaac León Frías (Peru), Maja Bogojević (Montenegro), Ahmed Bouhrem (Tunisia), Ramiro Cristobal Muñoz (Spain)

Awarded films

One of the old and traditional European festivals. This year, the “Semana Internacional de Cine Valladolid” celebrated its 50th anniversary. Over decades, Fernando Lara formed the character of the event and made it to a meeting point of international independent cinema, with a special focus on Latin American cinemas. Juan Carlos Frugone succeeded him, organizing his first edition.

Christian Carion’s Merry Christmas (Joyeux Noël), taking place on a night when French and German soldiers spent Christmas together during WWI, already presented out of competition in Cannes, received our award.