51st IndieLisboa - International Independent Film Festival

Portugal, April 23 - May 3 2009

The jury

Demetrios Matheou (Great Britain), Vladan Petkovic (Serbia), Miguel Somsen (Portugal)

Awarded films

IndieLisboa — Lisbon Festival of Independent Film. The sixth Lisbon Festival of Independent Film, better known as IndieLisboa, featured eleven films in the international competition and four in the national one. The section called “Independent Heroes” comprised retrospectives of two great European auteurs, Werner Herzog and Jacques Nolot. Nolot attended the festival, but Herzog could not come because of obligations regarding two new films in production, so his brother and producer Lucki Stipetic replaced him.

The festival also organized different side activities, such as a panel on the crisis and future of film criticism, moderated by the former editor of Slovenia’s “Ekran” magazine, Nika Bohinc.

Another important part of the festival is “Lisbon Talks”, aimed at bringing the way the filmmaking world operates closer to students of cinema and all professionals working in the business. It incorporates debates, a seminar and master classes, involving illustrious Portuguese and foreign guests from different areas. IndieLisboa also presents movies that were shown in previous editions of the festival. These take place in several Portuguese cities as a part of the festival’s policy of decentralization.

IndieLisboa is a small festival which manages to present important and fresh films of world cinema in competition and emerging cinema programs. The main jury this year was headed by the director of the Venice Film Festival Marco Muller and the competition included April Showers by Portuguese Ivo M. Ferreira, Argentinean Mariano de Rosa’s Green Waters, Lance Hammer’s Ballast, Radu Jude’s FIPRESCI Prize winner The Happiest Girl in the World, Korean Yang Ik-Yune’s Breathless, Irish Christine Molloy and Jow Lawlor’s Helen, Sean Baker’s Prince of Broadway, Russian Boris Khlebnikov’s Help Gone Mad, Argentinean Celia Murga’s A Week Alone, Winter Silence by Sonja Wyss from Holland, and Chinese Zhao Ye’s Jalanur. (Vladan Petkovic)

IndieLisboa – International Independent Film Festival: www.indielisboa.com