53rd Oberhausen International Short Film Festival

Germany, May 3 - May 8 2007

The jury

Jonathan Rosenbaum (US), Alexis Tioseco (), Oliver Baumgarten (Germany)

Awarded films

The prestigious Short Film Festival celebrated its 53th edition. It’s one of the oldest and most renowned film festivals of the world. Generations of filmmakers presented here their first films. “I smoked my first cigarette here”, said Wim Wenders. “For years, I saw every single film at the Westdeutsche Kurzfilmtage, looking forward to those days in Oberhausen every year. These events were important for me, for my decision to become a filmmaker.” Also today, almost half a century later, short films are, for young filmmakers, a wonderful entrance to the world of cinema. For critics, the festival offers a marvelous platform to discover young talents, to discuss the variety of film forms off the mainstream, and to undertake a step into the future of cinema. Read what Jonathan Rosenbaum, Alex A. Tioseco and Oliver Baumgarten appreciated and discovered in this-years edition of Oberhausen.