53rd San Sebastian International Film Festival

Spain, September 15 - September 24 2005

The jury

Andrei Plakhov (Russia), Wolfgang Hamdorf (Germany), Julio Feo Zarandieta (France), Sergi Sanchez (Spain), Massimo Causo (Italy)

Awarded films

The Basque city of Donostia — San Sebastian hosts one of the major European festivals, known for its interest in the cinemas of the Spanish-Portuguese world, and for its wonderful retrospectives (this year dedicated to Robert Wise, to Abel Ferrara, and to the theme “Rebellious and Untamed”). The festival hosts our “Grand Prix”, which was, at the opening ceremony, presented to the Korean filmmaker Kim Ki-duk arrow. Our jury focused on the international competition and found Terry Gilliam’s Tideland to be the best film of the selection — a decision which provoked controversial reactions.