56th Berlinale

Germany, February 9 - February 19 2006

The jury

Diego Lerer (Argentina), Vladimir Ignatovski (Bulgaria), Nils Saeveras (), Christiane Dancie (France), Nenad Dukic (Serbia), Angelika Kettelhack (Germany), Gabriele Barrera (Italy), Zlatko Vidackovic (Croatia), Rüdiger Suchsland (Germany)

Awarded films

It seems that the Berlinale gets bigger every year — more films, more stars, more events, more guests. Fest director Dieter Kosslick, go-getting and good-tempered as always, managed that the whole city of Berlin celebrated cinema, in spite of the extraordinarily cold temperature outside the festival venues around Potsdamer Platz (the historical center of the city, re-built after reunification). Besides the red-carpet competition show, two sidebars found the interest of critics and public: Panorama (headed by Wieland Speck) and the “International Forum of New Cinema” (headed by Christoph Terhechte).