58th Locarno International Film Festival

Switzerland, August 2 - August 12 2006

The jury

Rüdiger Suchsland (Germany), Lena Murgu-Adam (), Alexander Fedorov (Russia), Violeta Kovacsics (Spain), Peter Holdener (Switzerland)

Awarded films

“The biggest of the small or smallest of the big film festivals in Europe”, writes Peter Holdener in his overview, “as the International Film Festival Locarno, in the Italian speaking part in the South of Switzerland calls itself, ended after eleven days with a new record of sold tickets, with a surprise in the official competition and with a pale new artistic director.”

“Locarno combines very heterogeneous interests,” writes Rüdiger Suchsland. “On the one hand, it wants to be a festival for a broad audience, which is able to please thousands of viewers with open-air-screenings at the renaissance Piazza Grande, with popular movies of blockbuster-quality and some Hollywood-star-glamour. At the same time, it wishes to be an A-Festival and a global player in the festival-circuit with a competition of not less than 21 (!) international premieres.”

In the first feature film by Korean filmmaker Young-Nam Kim, Don’t Look Back (Nae-chungchun-aegae-goham), our jury saw modern cinematic language and a sincere film on a subject which can happen to anyone.