BIFEST - Bari International Film Festival

Italy, March 21 - March 28 2015

FIPRESCI’s 90 Anniversary, Celebrated in Bari

The Gallery of Masters

Gallery of Masters

At BIF&ST, the Bari International Film Festival (Italy, March 21-28, 2015), FIPRESCI celebrated its 90th anniversary with a series of masterclasses and award ceremonies, and with a retrospective of 41 Italian films which had, from 1946 until now, won, at a diversity of festivals, the Prize of the International Film Critics (FIPRESCI Prize).

Guests of BIF&ST and FIPRESCI were Sir Alan Parker, Jean-Jacques Annaud, Costa-Gavras, Ettore Scola, Andrzej Wajda, Edgar Reitz, Margarethe von Trotta and Nanni Moretti.

At a press conference, dedicated to FIPRESCI, two persons were honored with a special medal, for their precious contribution to our work: Felice Laudadio, the articstic director of BIF&ST; and Berk Özler, the head of the Istanbul-based web design company Mingus, who had offered us a complete relaunch of our site.

Thanks to Felice Laudadio

Medal Felice

Thanks to Berk Özler

Medal Berk