42nd Cairo International Film Festival

Egypt, December 2 - December 10 2020

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The jury

Elena Rubashevska (Ukraine), Anders E Larsson (Sweden), Yakout El-Deeb (Egypt)

Awarded films

The Critics Prize in Cairo, named after our colleague and friend Samir Farid (see Klaus Eder on Samir Farid), goes to the film that manages to delicately highlight the ever-present hardships of people fleeing from war and conflicts. With a finely tuned and strict use of cinematography, sound design, and detailed framing, the film speaks to the global audience and portrays refugees as individuals in their own right. (Jury motivation)

The members of the critics jury were present at the festival, a wonderful exception in our corona-online times. At the opening, from left: Anders Larsson (Sweden), Elena Rubashevska (Ukraine), Yakout El Deeb (Egypt).