61st Gijón Film Festival

Spain, November 17 - November 25 2023

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The jury

Shahla Nahid (France), Manu Yanez (Spain), Barbara Lorey de Lacharriere (Germany)

Awarded films

The FIPRESCI jury followed the program “Tierres In Trance” and awarded two prizes.

Best Film: The Trail Left by Time.

Motivation: “For a mesmerizing visual film experience that transcends the boundaries between documentary realism and fictional storytelling, seamlessly weaving a narrative in which pictorial elements and subjective memory unfold as transformative elements to capture the tradition and legacy of a saga passed down through generations.”
Best Director: María Aparicio.
Motivation: “For a film that explores with deeply moving sensitivity the grieving process following the tragic loss of a filmmaker friend.  Tinged with unspeakable melancholy, it transcends the simple narrative of bereavement by revealing the profound links between artistic creation, cinema and memory.”