26th Motovun Film Festival

Croatia, July 22 - July 29 2023

The jury

Léo Ortuno (France), Thierry Verhoeven (The Netherlands), Veronika K. Zajdela (Slovenia)

Awarded films

Motivation: “What does a very principled character do when faced with a desperate situation? Blaga’s Lessons offers an interesting answer. The main character is a strict teacher who doesn’t tolerate mistakes, neither in the language she teaches nor in her own life. When she becomes a victim of a situation that people of her age often encounter, she starts looking for a way out. However, society turns a blind eye, and her methods become more drastic. The film tells a touching story that intrigues from beginning to end, with some well-executed surprises. Instead of the expected story of endless misery, we have a strong woman trying to take control of her destiny but, in the process, losing more than anyone should ever be willing to sacrifice – her humanity.”