13th Off Camera – International Festival of Independent Cinema, Krakow

Poland, September 11 - September 25 2020

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The jury

Marina Kostova (North Macedonia), Anna Serdiukow (Poland), Inge Coolsaet (Belgium)

Awarded films


The FIPRESCI jury awarded  the film A Thief’s Daughter with the following motivation: “The film, modest yet multidimensional, deeply resonated with the three of us. It is a raw and audacious depiction of a young woman’s struggle to build and keep a family. The story unfolds with soft and subtle touch, and empathically builds up to the powerful energy of the main actress that explodes on the screen. Funes masters her trade wonderfully and her film, not unlike the main character, faces life’s emotional hurdles head on, without resorting to cinematic fireworks.  The outcome is a silent explosion and stands out of a particularly strong selection of films.”