32nd Schwerin Film Festival

Germany, May 2 - May 7 2023

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The jury

Bettina Hirsch (Germany), Sandy Kolbuch (Germany), Rolf Breiner (Switzerland)

Awarded films


Jury statement about the winning film: “Family conflicts run like a red thread through this year’s competition. How does the relationship between mother-daughter and father-son change due to dramatic friction? What happens when a father wants to impose his idea of life on his son? In his film “Retreat“ (original title: „Réduit”) director Leon Schwitter immerses himself in the Swiss mountain world to show how interpersonal dependencies can change. The retreat, a remote mountain hut, becomes a trap for father and son. “Réduit” convinces with its concentrated visual language and focuses on essential plot elements. The forces of nature take over the soundtrack so that not many words are needed. The international jury of critics congratulates Leon Schwitter and hopes that “Réduit” will find its way onto the big screen”.


The jury

From left: Sandy Kolbuch, Rolf Breiner, Bettina Hirsch