33rd Schwerin Filmkunstfest

Germany, April 30 - May 5 2024

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The jury

Kira Taszman (Germany), Geri Krebs (Switzerland), Wilfried Hippen (Germany)

Awarded films

Jury statement: “In a Berlin far removed from all the tourist hotspots, acts a mysterious gangster. His name, Trojan, refers to Greek mythology. He is the one who has to hide from his pursuers. It is therefore perfectly fitting that this film noir, which is as exciting as it is formally consistent, takes its genre literally. In its images, which are always kept in the half-shadow, the night rules, and when this is not the case, even the daylight seems to hide, like the enigmatic protagonist. A handful of outstanding actors and actresses also contribute to making this thriller a worthwhile experience. It also integrates elements of a heist movie and depicts a society changing from analogue to digital, even in the world of crime.”
FIPRESCI jury: Geri Krebs, Kira Taszman, Wilfried Hippen