34th Singapore International Film Festival

Singapore, November 30 - December 9 2023

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The jury

Müge Turan (Turkey), V K Joseph (India), Joyce Yang (Hong Kong)

Awarded films

Motivation: “Showcasing a remarkable fusion of genres, seamlessly blending elements of sci-fi, horror, and black comedy, the film employs precise and organic storytelling to craft a Kafkaesque dystopian narrative, addressing the urgent and contemporary issue of housing as a global concern. The black and white cinematography skillfully enhances the film’s delusional atmosphere, while a metaphysical and surrealistic twist adds depth and intrigue. We are deeply moved by the film’s critique of the corporate system and state, highlighting how people are often dehumanized and contemplating the idea of home as both a physical and emotional sanctuary. Therefore, it is with great delight that we present the FIPRESCI award to the film The Tenants, directed by Yoon Eun-Kyung.”