Amber McGinnis

Film Director, USA

“Raised as a Southern Baptist homeschooler in North Carolina, Amber McGinnis now runs her own LLC called “Outskirt Medi” where she produced and directed her first feature length film, International Falls (2019). She has also produced and directed several short films, and has worked as an Associate Producer for the Emmy Award-winning “Kennedy Center Hours” where she produced biography films for Tom Hanks and Lily Tomlin. After completing her MFA in Directing at Baylor University in Waco, TX, she began working with new media production company “WILL Interactive,” where she has directed and written over 20 interactive films that focus on behavior change. Her screenplay for Girl In the Red Corner was a 2018 semifinalist at the Sundance Writer’s Lab and Austin Film Festival.” (Seattle International Film Festival 2019, Catalogue)

Awarded Films

  • International Falls
    in Seattle International Film Festival