Anita Skwara

Film Critic, Poland

Born in Katowice, Poland. Film critic, cultural animator, academic teacher at Film History and Theory Department of Silesian University in Katowice, Poland /since 1985-2010/. She completed her Phd thesis on “Peter Greenaway’s Image of the Filmic Body” in 1995 at Jagiellonian University /Cracow/ gaining the Phd degree in cultural sciences. Being concerned in contemporary British cinema she co-worked with numerous universities in Great Britain /Warwick Univeristy, Sheffield City Polytechnic, North London Polytechnic/ lecturing and participating in conferences. Simultaneously with academic work /lecturing, doing research/ she has been working as a journalist and film critic for numerous Polish weekly, monthly and quarterly magazines /Kino, Opcje, Lad, Magazyn Filmowy/. Published her journalistic nad scientific texts in Poland and abroad  / Popular European Cinema, Routledge/. She was a vice editor-in-chief of a film and culture journal /Opcje/. Being involved in film culture popularisation she has been working for both – local and nationwide TV stations. She is being invited as an expert for several round-tables, meetings, disscussions, juries… During Katowice’s Candidacy for European Capital of Culture she was responsible for film part of the EU Brussel’s application. Since 2010 she is involved in International Festival of Film Producers Regiofun /as an artistic director and PR Manager/, she also cooperates with the Centre of Polish Scenography and the Silesian Museum as the curator of the film programme. She is a member of Filmwriting Section of Polish Filmmakers Society and a member of European Film Academy.