Anush Vardanyan

Film Critic, Armenia

Anush Vardanyan – screenwriter, writer, lecturer, artist She was born in Leningrad (now Saint Petersburg) in 1967 in the family of an architect. In 1977, she moved with her father to Yerevan, where she graduated from school in 1983. She received higher education in St. Petersburg Theater Academy (history and theory of theater), at the University of Cinema and Television (film directing). In 2011, she studied at NYFA (New York Film Academy, USA).

Anush worked at the film studios “Lenfilm”, “Lendok. Open studio” and at other studios in Armenia and Russia. Screenwriter of the more 30 films, author of 6 books. A special place in the work of Anush Vardanyan is occupied by scientific research on the history and theory of cinema. She has created books about the initial period of the Lenfilm film studio (“Paper Caresses”) and about the founder of Armenian cinema Daniel Dznuni (“The History of One Denunciation”). As an artist, she participates in art exhibitions. Participates in educational programs of the Vladimir Propp Center in St. Petersburg and in Yerevan at the Marzoyan Library, where she gives open lectures on the theory of modern cinema.

One of the most important topics of Anush’s research is the formation of semantic patterns and visual images reflecting the actual everyday life. Her articles are published in various Armenian publications. Currently, she works at the National Film Center of Armenia.