Faton Bajraktari

Film Director, Kosovo

Faton Bajraktari (b. 1974, Kišna Reka, Kosovo) took a bachelor’s degree in film and television direction at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts, University of Tetovo (2007–2011). He then earned his master’s at the University of Pristina. He shot his first short film Përpjekja in 2007; other short films followed, of which his Tri dritare (2010) won awards at numerous festivals, including Best Film at the Kosovo fest and the International Film Festival in Tirana. The movie also represented Kosovo at the Libertas Film Festival. He captured the history of Kosovo in the documentaries Gryka e Llapushnikut (2010) and Udhëtimi në thellësinë e Tokës (2010). In 2012 he made his award-winning short film Lufta, which he followed up with the medium-length Morea (2013). Bajraktari was also appointed director of the Privision children’s choir festival in 2012. (Karlovy Vary Film Festival 2016, catalogue).

Awarded Films

  • Home Sweet Home
    in 14th Tirana International Film Festival