José Romero

Film Critic, Peru

Since 1995 José Romero Carrillo (Peru) became interested in the research and distribution of Latin American cinema. His contributions appeared in various print media and online sites. He served on the juries of a variety of film festivals on the continent. Together with a group of critics, he founded the “Peruvian Association of the Cinematographic Press”, which he headed in 2012 and 2013. He is director and programmer of the “International Festival of Cinema of Ayacucho” (PERU FICA). He programs also the “Pachamama International Festival – Cinema de Fronteira” (in Rio Branco, Brazil). He’s the editor of “Fotograma”, an Ecuadorian film magazine, and covers Latin American festivals for the Spanish website “”. He’s author for the film magazine “Godard!” the daily “El Peruano”. From 2012 he entertains his own website “”.