Mariangel Solomita

Film Critic, Uruguay

Mariángel studied Communication Sciences and carried out different workshops on film criticism and journalism writing. Since 2008, she integrates the redaction of the journal El País, the most important medium with the largest printing in Uruguay. She publishes profiles, critic, interviews, and reviews in the entertainment section in the magazine, Sábado Show, and in the research supplement “Qué pasa”. She also collaborates for other media like the magazine Quiroga / Rocket. Mariángel specialized in Urugayan history and the operation of Uruguayan cinema and its institutions in comparison with other regional models. Aditionally, she collaborated and directed various news portals on the subject and was granted a prize by the Ministry of Culture and Education to direct, coordinate and edit a digital magazine for which she interviewed, filmed and photographed 55 personalities of the national cinema. The project, Guía 50 has been acknowledged by its protagonists, peers and authorities. Mariángel Solomita Chiarelli is a member of the Film Critics Association of Uruguay. She participated in the organization of local festivals and has been a guest juror and journalist of several festivals around the world.