Marilena Iliesiu

Film Critic, Romania

Graduating from the Theatrical and Cinematographic Art Institute „I.L.Caragiale” Bucharest, Romania, M. Iliesiu is a Doctor of Cinema. Iliesiu has worked on a number of film and entertainment magazines (Pro Cinema, The New Cinema) and has had appearances on a number of radio and television shows. Currently she is working as an editor at “Film”, the Romanian Film Union magazine. M. Iliesiu has written over 600 articles on cinematographic history and aesthetics.She has authored “Narrative Structures in Romanian Cinema” (2013), “The 17 Lives of the Injured Cat – Mircea Daneliuc” (2015) and co-authored the books “Top Ten Romanian Movies” and “From Ceausescu’s to Mr. Lazarescu’s Death”.In addition to her work as a film critic, M. Iliesiu is also the producer of a series of art documentaries such as “Metamorphosis” (2007), “Sibiu – European Capital of Culture” (2008), “Faust – The Path Of The Moment” (2009), “The Island” (2011), “Corpus” (2012), “My Clay Heart” (2013), “Mircea Roman, The Spirit of the Body Crates” (2013 and “Nicolae, Son of Ion, Son of Iacob” (2013), “Statues Don’t Die. Do I?” (2014), “Clay Watching” (2015), “Horea Pastina – The State of  Things” (2015).