Yannis Raouzaios

Film Critic, Greece

Yannis Raouzaios is a film critic-member of the Greek Film Critics Association, cultural journalist, poet, and writer. He has collaborated with various magazines such as Futura, Proxima 23, Ozon, Conteiner, Sonic, Vox, Pyxida, Ypovrixio. He is a radio producer in Diavlos-10 radio station and has participated in many television programmes related to cinema. He is the artistic director of Indie Free Festival, International Video Poetry Festival, and artistic director of a series of cultural events called Perivallonta Lexeon. Also has been artistic director of Let Me Know Festival and Cinematique series of Events. He has also collaborated with kaboomzine (web) and Babylonia (printed and web) magazines. He is chief editor in myfilm.gr and zoomout.gr and he is also collaborating with several other magazines and editions  on cinema and Cinema and Culture. He is a curator that organizes and hosts courses of lectures and open seminars on a very large range of topics such as Philosophy, Aesthetics, Political Science.