19th Guadalajara International Film Festival

Mexico, March 19 - March 25 2004

The jury

Klaus Eder (Germany), Isaac León Frías (Peru), José Carlos Avellar (Brazil), Lucy Virgen (Mexico)

Awarded films

The Guadalajara Film Fest won reputation as showcase of Mexican cinema. Now, it includes Latin-American, Spanish and Portuguese films — films from “Ibero-America”. Our jury saw two sections: the Ibero-American and the Mexican competition of long feature films. The FIPRESCI Prize was presented in both sections: to “Take My Eyes” (Te doy mis ojos), a first feature film by Iciar Bollain (Spain), and to the Mexican debut “Duck Season” (Temporara de patos) by Fernando Eimbcke. At the occasion of the festival, the first printed issue of the online magazine “The Thinking Eye” (El ojo que piensa) was presented.

Guadalajara International Film Festival: www.ficg.mx