23rd Miami International Film Festival

USA, March 3 - March 12 2006

The jury

John Anderson (US), Marcelo Janot (Brazil), Andrea Dittgen (Germany)

Awarded films

“Yes, the sun was strong,” writes John Anderson, “the sea was blue and an esprit Cubano was in the tropical air, but the clichés stopped at the theater doors of the 2006 Miami International Film Festival.” Behind these doors, means on the big screens, there were quite some films shown which made visitors glad to be there. Nicole Guillemet, the charming fest head, and her openminded team gave the old event a new swing and speed. Our colleagues were inspired by the Israeli film Close to Home (John Anderson), by documentaries about people escaping from death penalty (Andrea Dittgen), and by our prize-winner, the Polish The Master (Marcelo Janot).