27th Palm Springs International Film Festival

US, January 1 - January 11 2016

The jury

Derek Malcolm (UK), Jon Asp (Sweden), José Antonio Teodoro (Canada)

Awarded films

* Films awarded at Palm Springs receive the Best Foreign Language Film Award.

The annual Palm Springs Festival has always been a happy hunting ground for the films nominated by their country for the Academy’s Best Foreign Film Award. But it also has a separate World Cinema programme, a New Voices,New Visions line up and a documentary segment with the John Schlesinger Award attached. Always well attended, the Festival has grown in size and stature over its 27 years and is now recognised as one of America’s best. (Derek Malcolm)

The Critics Prize in Palm Springs is a special prize: for the Best Foreign Language Film of the Year. Also prizes for best actor/actress were presented.
The prize for best actor is shared by Sigurður Sigurjonsson and Theodór Júliússon for their performances in the Icelandic film “Rams” (Hrútar).
The prize for best actress goes to Alena Mihulová for her performance in the Czech film “Home Care” (Domácí péce).

Palm Springs International Film Festival: www.psfilmfest.org