28th Hong Kong International Film Festival

China, April 6 - April 21 2004

The jury

Chris Fujiwara (US), Sudhir Nandgaonkar (India), Lawrence Pun (Hong Kong)

Awarded films

In the last years, the Hong Kong International Film Festival has undergone quite some changes. At the times of British rule, it had been organized by the Urban Council (then the government). After the handover to China, it became a part of the Hong Kong Arts Development Council, thus winning a piece of independence. The next step will be to outsource the festival by founding its own political and organizational body. Astonishingly, the Beijing government which has always been quick and insistent to control the Chinese entries, seems to take less and less influence. This year, the festival could present a highly interesting series of independent Asian movies, among them quite some from mainland China. In spite of the changing political and organizational background, the festival develops continously its skills as one of the important events in Asia — thanks to its lovely and effective programmers Li Cheuk-to, Jacob Wong and Freddy Wong. (k.e.)

Hong Kong International Film Festival: www.hkiff.org.hk