42nd Karlovy Vary Film Festival

Russia, June 29 - July 7 2007

The jury

Beat Glur (Switzerland), Barbara Schweizerhof (Germany), Henrik Uth Jensen (Denmark), Gorazd Trušnovec (Slovenia), Jan Foll (Czech Republic), Anita Piotrowska (Poland)

Awarded films

Originally, in the 50s and 60s, the Karlovy Vary Film Festival has alternated with the Moscow one. Later on, both events changed to an annual term (at the same period of the year) — and started to fight over the same films. After the political changes in Eastern Europe, the Moscow Festival lived through several difficult periods; while Karlovy Vary became purposeful the most exiting film event in Eastern Europe, under the knowledgable management of our colleague Eva Zaoralova and the young team she managed to create. Today, the festival is open to worldwide cinema, but functions in particular as a stable bridge between the cinemas of Eastern and Western Europe. At the 42nd edition, our jury distinguished a Russian film: Simple Things (Prostye veshchi) by Alexei Popogrebsky.