44th Toronto International Film Festival

Canada, September 5 - September 15 2019

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The jury

Rita Di Santo (UK), Frédéric Jaeger (Germany), Müge Turan (Turkey), Ruben Peralta Rigaud (Domenican Republic), Claire Valade (Canada), Liam Lacey (Canada)

Awarded films

Motivation, How to Build a Girl: “Led by a performance by Beanie Feldstein, our winning film is a witty and heartfelt story of an irrepressible teen-aged girl who breaks into the snooty boys club of English rock criticism, loses her soul and then gains it back again.”
Motivation, Murmur: “Murmur was selected for its impressive minimalist and precise storytelling, both in its structure and its use of static camerawork and for its empathetic and powerful simplicity in deconstructing the effects of an addictive personality.”