61st Berlinale - Berlin International Film Festival

Germany, February 10 - February 20 2011

The jury

Diego Lerer (Argentina), Kenichi Okubo (Japan), Joao Antunes (Portugal), Jurica Pavicić (Croatia), Ingeborg Bratoeva-Daraktchieva (Bulgaria), Daniela Sannwald (Germany), Carmen Gray (Great Britain), Gulnara Abikeyeva (Kazakhstan), Silvia Hallensleben (Germany)

Awarded films

Hungarian Béla Tarr’s The Turin Horse (A Torinói Ló) has been awarded the FIPRESCI Prize as best film in competition. Even in such a demanding competition as the Berlinale’s 2011 edition, The Turin Horse was the single entry that the jury could call cinema. The jury presented also prizes to films shown in parallel sections.    

Panorama: Top Floor Left Wing (Dernier étage gauche gauche) by Angelo Cianci (France, Luxemburg, 2010).

Forum: Heaven’s Story by Zeze Takahisa (Japan, 2010). Aside from the Japanese FIPRESCI winner, the few glints of life from a disappointingly flat Forum selection came mainly from documentaries.

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